Demand that hospital charity care funding cover actual services to low-income people | December 2018

For far too long, hospital charity care funding has been allocated in a way that does not tie the money to actual services to low-income people.  As part of the 2018-19 state budget agreement, the NYS Department of Health hosted a workgroup to once again examine this issue and come up with a new way of allocating these public funds.  NYC Health + Hospitals and the NYS Nurses Association presented proposals for how to correct this, working closely with consumer advocates as they developed their proposals.

The bottom line is we need accountability and transparency in the way these public funds – which were intended to compensate hospitals for care to people on Medicaid and people who are uninsured – are allocated and spent.

DOH is currently working on a report from the workgroup proceedings.  It is important the state knows there is support for what NYC H+H and NYSNA have proposed so these viable and sensible solutions can be considered and advanced.

The Commission on the Public’s Health System and Judy Wessler have prepared a flier to provide information and instructions for taking action.  Let’s let state officials know we need charity care to pay for actual services to people on Medicaid and people who are uninsured, and consumer and community advocates support the proposals of NYC H+H and NYSNA.

More information:

Unintended Consequences – How New York State Patients and Safety-Net Hospitals are Short-Changed (Community Service Society of NY; January 2018)

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