Payment & Delivery System Reform

New York State Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP)

What is DSRIP?

  • Part of an agreement between the federal government and New York State to improve health care services and the health of New Yorkers overall.
  • Health care providers must come together in newly-formed networks, Performing Provider Systems (PPS).  Most of the PPS are led by hospitals, and all are comprised of hospitals, community-based providers (like community health centers), specialty care providers, and community based organizations.  The PPS will develop and implement new programs to reach the goals of DSRIP:
    • Transform the health care safety net at the regional level and statewide
    • Reduce avoidable hospital use and improve other health and public health measures at both the regional and state levels.
    • Ensure delivery system transformation continues beyond the waiver period by leveraging managed care payment reform (Value Based Payment).
    • Create a more cost efficient Medicaid program with improved outcomes
    • Assure access to quality care for Medicaid consumers and long-term through managed care payment reform.

How is MMNY involved with DSRIP?

MMNY remains focused on how changes to the delivery system will impact on consumers and their access to services.  Through representation on state workgroups and committees, through projects that aim to ensure community engagement at every level, and through information sharing and collaboration among coalition members, MMNY is actively involved in making sure consumer and community interests are advanced as the state moves further down the road to a transformed system.

MMNY is particularly interested in how the DSRIP Performing Provider Systems are engaging the communities they are aiming to serve.  We know that the goals of DSRIP will be reached when community-based organizations are meaningfully engaged in DSRIP planning and project implementation.

DSRIP Updates Webinar

MMNY was joined by NYS DSRIP Program Director Peggy Chan for an engaging and informative webinar on the current status of New York’s DSRIP program.  Topics included: The updated process for opting out of information sharing in DSRIPWorkforce impact reportMidPoint Assessment summary and PPS progress on Mid-Point Action PlansCBO readiness for Value Based Payment Other guest speakers were Marilyn Fraser, CEO of the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health, and Lori Andrade, COO of the Health…

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Funding for local DSRIP activities

MMNY has a two-year grant from the NYS Health Foundation to promote and support community engagement in these efforts.  In particular, MMNY aims to ensure community-based organizations (CBOs) have the tools and support they need to become involved at the local level in DSRIP regions around the state. The initiative has three goals: strengthen the capacity of community-based organizations throughout New York State that have historically served low-income people, people with disabilities,…

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Statewide DSRIP Community Engagement Forum

MMNY’s work related to DSRIP has focused on community engagement, how community-based organizations are involved at the local level, and what we can do to enhance engagement statewide.  MMNY hosted this opportunity for CBOs from across the state to come together to share what we have learned, discuss policy recommendations, and strategize on how to reach our goals. Forum materials can be found at the links provided in the Forum agenda below: 10:15-10:20    …

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