Connecting Voices From Across NY State
Connecting Voices From Across NY State
Advancing consumer interests in Medicaid
Because of public programs
Because of public programs
Six million New Yorkers have access to comprehensive care and services

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Coronavirus and Beyond: Reaching Greater Equity

New York State is at the epicenter of a global pandemic. Data has emerged that reflects what we have witnessed almost since the Coronavirus reached our doorstep: severe illness and death from the

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Protect Medicaid advocates issue statement on House HEROES Act

The Protect Medicaid Campaign – representing New York’s leading health care consumer advocacy groups – applauds the introduction of the coronavirus relief package bill H.R. 6800, the

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Medicaid Consumer Advocates Respond to 2021 Enacted Budget

When Governor Cuomo established his Medicaid Redesign Team – or MRT II – in January, he gave its members the directive that any proposed changes have “zero impact on beneficiaries.”

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Over 140 diverse organizations working together to influence Medicaid policy in New York State
Coalition members
Assuring Medicaid reform efforts remain centered on the interests of consumers and their communities
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Actively participating in statewide initiatives tasked with transforming payment and delivery of health care in New York State
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About Medicaid Matters NY

Medicaid Matters New York (MMNY) is the only statewide coalition dedicated to advancing the interests of Medicaid beneficiaries.  Over 140 coalition partners work hard to ensure policymakers understand the importance of Medicaid to low-income and vulnerable New Yorkers. MMNY is the voice in Albany representing Medicaid consumers during discussions of the State’s public health insurance programs.  MMNY has and continues to play a critical role in influencing reform of the Medicaid system in New York State.