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Coalition Membership Policy and Benefits to Membership

Medicaid Matters New York (MMNY) membership constitutes three essential components:

  • The organization can assert its mission is in line with the mission and goals of MMNY.
  • The organization is comfortable having its name on the MMNY membership list for the purposes of advancing policy and budget goals, including memos, letters, comments, etc. to state policymakers.
  • The organization pays dues to MMNY.

Individual supporters of MMNY who provide annual financial contribution are granted MMNY membership status.


MMNY members benefit from participation in a coalition that is stronger as a group than any single, non-profit policy and advocacy group on its own.  Membership benefits include:

  • Valuable, direct access to policy analysis, real-time information on national and state Medicaid policy, and fellow coalition members with extensive expertise and diverse perspectives;
  • Power and influence, as MMNY is recognized by the Governor’s office, the NYS Department of Health, other state agencies, and NYS legislators and staff as the primary advocacy group representing the interests of Medicaid consumers;
  • Participation in regular meetings with the Department of Health regarding Medicaid Managed Care, public programs in the health insurance marketplace, and other topics as needed, meetings with legislators and staff throughout the budget process and legislative session, and other meetings as needed; and
  • Community building, which provides opportunities for: wider support for your own organization’s issues, joining advocacy on other organization’s issues, participation in ad-hoc working groups on specific issues, amplification of individual consumer concerns, and professional networking.

Members of MMNY have access to the listserve on the following basis:

  • Dues paying members may have as many staff from their organization as they wish signed up to participate on the listserve. All of these individuals are allowed full access with the ability to post to the list, within the bounds of materials determined to meet MMNY listserve guidelines.  Dues paying members shall also be allowed one individual who is not a direct employee of their organization who will receive lists but not be allowed to comment or otherwise post.
  • Organizations not eligible for membership (such as lobby or consultant firms) may gain affiliate access to the list by making an annual contribution to MMNY. Such affiliate status will qualify an organization for listserve rights as outlined for members, except that they will not be allowed any non-direct staff participation.

Governmental and semi-governmental organizations and staff are not eligible for MMNY membership and are therefore not allowed on the listserve.