MMNY Steering Committee makes a statement on the Medicaid Redesign Team

Feb 6, 2020 | News

Statement from the Medicaid Matters Steering Committee on MRT II

Albany, NY — Governor Cuomo has announced the convening of another Medicaid Redesign Team, MRT II. The need for meaningful cross-sector collaboration to address costs and ensure access cannot be overstated. Our Medicaid Matters NY Coalition Coordinator was invited to be on the MRT II and declined the invitation.

As the lone consumer advocate on the first MRT in 2011, our Coalition Coordinator had to represent an entire consumer advocacy community in a condensed, politically-charged, and opaque process.

We are pleased there is one consumer on MRT II, though we stand by the notion consumer representation should be much more robust to best serve the needs of New Yorkers.

We are hopeful the process will adequately protect individuals’ eligibility and benefits to the greatest degree possible. We know the best way for this to happen is for consumers, consumer advocates, and the public to be listened-to throughout the process.

A PDF of the statement is available here.