MMNY presents its annual Medicaid Budget Consumer Checklist!

Mar 25, 2019 | News

The Medicaid Matters coalition urges policymakers and staff to refer to this year’s checklist to ensure consumer interests are met during final negotiations over this year’s Medicaid budget.

2019-2020 Health/Medicaid Budget
A Consumer Checklist
We urge the Legislature to use this tool as a guide to support and protect the interests of people who rely on Medicaid and the safety net providers that serve them as a final budget agreement is negotiated.

Avoid balancing the budget on the backs of low-income New Yorkers by rejecting major cuts to Medicaid.  
Reject the Governor’s proposed changes to the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance program.  
Enact new Assembly proposals to provide consumer-friendly provisions in managed care related to due process, assessments, and rate setting.  
End the hospital indigent care pool (charity care) “transition collar.” Replace the 30-day amendment proposal with language to fix the way hospitals are compensated for serving people who are uninsured or on Medicaid (A6677/Gottfried).  
Expand the Essential Plan to provide an affordable, high-quality coverage option for all immigrant adults.  
Fully fund the Community Health Advocates program at $6.5 million and codify the program in state law.  
Create an ombuds program for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.  Thank you, Assembly!  
Reject both the elimination of “prescriber prevails” and spousal and parental refusal.  
Reject the increase of non-prescription drug co-pays from 50 cents to $1.  
Reject the reduction of Medicaid benefits for low-income people on Medicare who rely on Medicaid or QMB to make Medicare affordable.  

Thank you to the Assembly and Senate for rejecting many proposed cuts and for taking some bold actions in your one-house bills to protect Medicaid and the people it serves.  Remember the New Yorkers who rely on the Medicaid program and the health care safety net as you deliberate over the final budget!