MMNY Coordinator comments on “Medicaid Migraine”

Nov 6, 2019 | News

Advocates have learned New York State is facing a Medicaid budget deficit.  The issue has been made worse by fiscal tactics employed by the Cuomo administration to stay under the Medicaid spending cap.

The Empire Center has uncovered much of what is now known, and it is detailed in a report called “Busting the Cap.”  The Empire Center held a panel discussion on this issue, titled “Medicaid Migraine,” and Medicaid Matters’ Coordinator, Lara Kassel, sat on the panel on behalf of the coalition.  A similar report was issued by the Citizen’s Budget Commission, titled “Overdue Bills: Time to Face the Reality of Rising Medicaid Costs.”

The Medicaid Matters Coordinator made clear at the Empire Center event we all (especially state officials) must remember Medicaid is intended to provide health insurance coverage and access to services for low-income people and people with disabilities.  That is the purpose of the program and that is the lens through which all Medicaid decisions must be made, especially as the budget deficit is addressed.  Video of the event is available here.