Learn More about Value Based Payment

Oct 17, 2017 | News

New York State is undertaking a massive initiative to reform the way we pay for health care.  The goal is for payment for all care and services to be “value based,” paying for outcomes rather than visits and procedures.

The NYS Department of Health has posted information and materials about Value Based Payment (VBP) on its website.  Available there is information about VBP “bootcamps” around the state, whiteboard videos, and much more.  The agendas and materials of the VBP Workgroup and associated subcommittees and clinical advisory groups are available in the VBP Resource Library.

The entire VBP initiative is governed by the VBP Roadmap, which was developed by the VBP Workgroup.  It is revised and approved by CMS annually.  The United Hospital Fund issued a report in 2015 (prepared for UHF by the Center for Health Care Strategies) entitled “Navigating the New York State Value-Based Payment Roadmap,” which provides an overview of VBP and outlines the State’s plans for reaching VBP.

MMNY has been particularly interested in how VBP will address social determinants of health and how community-based organizations (CBOs) will be included in VBP arrangements.  DOH provided a webinar in August 2017 on the progress being made in this area.  Slides and webinar recording are now available.

Another area of interest to MMNY has been how care for children will be handled in VBP.  The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy has done extensive work in this area and issued a brief entitled “What Does Value Mean from a Child Perspective?”