Focus groups with individuals with I/DD and parents to inform our work

Nov 1, 2019 | Managed Care

As part of the work with the Managed Care Community of Practice, Medicaid Matters conducted focus groups in June regarding information and outreach related to the State’s transition to Medicaid Managed Care for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD).  The focus groups with individuals and parents (which were done separately) in New York City and Binghamton were intended to help inform our work on stakeholder engagement, education and outreach related to the transition to managed care.

Focus group participants helped us confirm what we knew anecdotally: many individuals and family members are still in the dark about the transition to managed care.  Our findings will help inform our work going forward to ensure timely, relevant information is shared in the most effective ways with individuals and family members across the state.  Our findings will also inform our work to assist the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities make sure people are aware of what managed care is, how it may impact them or their loved ones, and much more.