DSRIP Updates Webinar

MMNY was joined by NYS DSRIP Program Director Peggy Chan for an engaging and informative webinar on the current status of New York’s DSRIP program.  Topics included:

  • The updated process for opting out of information sharing in DSRIP
  • Workforce impact report
  • MidPoint Assessment summary and PPS progress on Mid-Point Action Plans
  • CBO readiness for Value Based Payment

Other guest speakers were Marilyn Fraser, CEO of the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health, and Lori Andrade, COO of the Health and Welfare Council of Long Island.  Marilyn and Lori presented on the projects they are administering under the State’s CBO DSRIP strategic planning grants.

See the full slide deck for details and information.

Funding for local DSRIP activities

MMNY has a two-year grant from the NYS Health Foundation to promote and support community engagement in these efforts.  In particular, MMNY aims to ensure community-based organizations (CBOs) have the tools and support they need to become involved at the local level in DSRIP regions around the state.

The initiative has three goals:

  • strengthen the capacity of community-based organizations throughout New York State that have historically served low-income people, people with disabilities, and vulnerable populations to engage in Medicaid system reform;
  • gather and disseminate information from community-based health and human services organizations to share promising practices and inform policy recommendations; and
  • generate and advance policy recommendations based on the experience of coalition partners, community-based organizations, and consumers.

Through its grant work to this point, including a statewide survey, regional focus group sessions, and individual interviewing, MMNY has gleaned a significant amount of information and broader understanding of the barriers CBOs face to participate effectively in DSRIP.  The number one barrier to doing DSRIP community engagement work locally that CBOs have expressed is that they do not have the funds or capacity for this work.

To help overcome this barrier, and support the work of local CBOs across the state, MMNY will provide funding for activities associated with DSRIP community engagement.  Funding will be awarded to pay for activities that would otherwise not happen due to lack of funding.

Up to $3000 per application may be requested.  All activities must be complete by August 31, 2017.  Brief reports on activities completed will be required.

More information and application instructions are available here.

Statewide DSRIP Community Engagement Forum

MMNY’s work related to DSRIP has focused on community engagement, how community-based organizations are involved at the local level, and what we can do to enhance engagement statewide.  MMNY hosted this opportunity for CBOs from across the state to come together to share what we have learned, discuss policy recommendations, and strategize on how to reach our goals.

Forum materials can be found at the links provided in the Forum agenda below:

10:15-10:20     Welcome and opening remarks

  • Medicaid Matters NY Steering Committee Co-Chairs: Briana Gilmore and Mark Hannay

10:20-11:30     Panel: DSRIP Community Engagement Across the State

The panel will present on community engagement activities in DSRIP across the state.  What are the Performing Provider Systems doing to engage the communities they aim to serve?  How effective are their efforts?  What are the barriers community-based organizations face in fully participating in DSRIP?

11:30-12:30     Group dialogue with Peggy Chan, NYS DOH DSRIP Project Director

12:30-1:00       Lunch

1:00-2:30         Panel: Emerging Best Practices, Informing Policy and Advocacy

The panel will discuss a variety of best practices emerging across the state and provide perspectives on how we might use what we know to inform policy recommendations at the state and local levels.

  • Moderator:  Lara Kassel, Medicaid Matters NY
  • Gwen O’Shea, Health and Welfare Council of Long Island
    Project 11 and connecting people to community-based services
  • Gail Myers, StateWide Senior Action Council
    NYS DOH DSRIP CBO Strategic Planning Grant
  • Latisha Gibbs, Health People and Communities Together for Health Equity
    Importance of consumer perspective, and Innovation Fund proposal

2:30-3:00         Next steps, closing remarks