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New flier: Advocates endorse H+H proposal to change the way hospital charity care is allocated

Medicaid Matters joins other consumer and community advocate groups and labor representatives to endorse a proposal by NYC Health and Hospitals to change the way New York State allocates hospital

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MMNY joins thousands across the country to oppose expanded "public charge" rule

Trump administration has proposed an expansion of the “public charge” rule, which would have devastating impacts on immigrants who wish to renew or change their immigration status, forcing them

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MMNY submits comments to NYS Attorney General on proposed sale of largest Medicaid plan to national corporation

Impact on consumers, governance of the foundation to be formed from the assets of the sale, and the transaction process itself are key themes in MMNY’s comments to the NYS Attorney General on

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Over 140 diverse organizations working together to influence Medicaid policy in New York State
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Assuring Medicaid reform efforts remain centered on the interests of consumers and their communities
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Actively participating in statewide initiatives tasked with transforming payment and delivery of health care in New York State
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About Medicaid Matters NY

Medicaid Matters New York (MMNY) is the only statewide coalition dedicated to advancing the interests of Medicaid beneficiaries.  Over 140 coalition partners work hard to ensure policymakers understand the importance of Medicaid to low-income and vulnerable New Yorkers. MMNY is the voice in Albany representing Medicaid consumers during discussions of the State’s public health insurance programs.  MMNY has and continues to play a critical role in influencing reform of the Medicaid system in New York State.